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Are you ready to turn your passion for running into a force for good? Join us as a Charity Superstar and embark on a journey that not only keeps you fit but also changes lives. It's time to lace up your runners, set ambitious goals, and run for free when you raise $500 for one of our Superstar Charities.
The Superstar Charities are: Cancer Council, Pets of the Homeless, Fight MND, Stroke Foundation, Running for Premature Babies, Children's Cancer Institute, Beyond Blue, The Alfred Foundation, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, WWF Australia, Kevin Heinze Grow, Olivia-Newton John Cancer Research Institute and Cure Cancer

Why become a Charity Superstar?

We believe that you have the power to use your running journey to create positive change. When you run for one of our selected Superstar Charities you're not just running; you're running with a purpose, making every step count. So connect with your WHY, and start running with purpose today!

What you get

Free Entry (when you raise $500)

Exclusive Charity Superstar Medal

VIP Post-Race Experience (when you raise $800)

Free Race Photo Pack from RaceAtlas

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Extra benefits arranged by your chosen charity

How it works

Sign Up: Apply to become a Charity Superstar. Your application will be reviewed by the charity, who will get back to you to let you know if you have been successful. 

Set Your Goal: Once approved, it’s time to set a goal and start fundraising! If you raise over $500 your registration fee will be waived, and if you raise over $800 you will get free access to the Runner’s World VIP area in the Run Melbourne event village (free food, goodie bags, massages, private toilets, and more!). We have created a handy Fundraising Guide filled with tips, tricks, tools, templates and assets that you can use to help reach your goals.

Train and run: Prepare for your race just like any other, with the added motivation of knowing you’re running for a cause and making positive change in the world.

Are you ready to be a Charity Superstar?

Our Superstar Charities

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Pets of the Homeless Logo

Pets of the Homeless is devoted to providing assistance and support to homeless individuals and their beloved animal companions. Recognising the deep bond between homeless people and their pets, the organisation offers essential services such as pet food and veterinary care. By addressing the unique needs of homeless pet owners, Pets of the Homeless contributes to the overall well-being of both humans and their furry companions in challenging circumstances.

Running for Premature babies logo

Running for Premature Babies is dedicated to supporting premature babies and is a lifeline for families facing the challenges of preterm birth. By raising awareness and funds, they enable access to critical neonatal care and research efforts to improve the health outcomes of premature infants. Through their unwavering commitment, they provide hope and assistance to these tiny fighters and their families during their most vulnerable moments.

The Alfred Foundation

The Alfred Foundation serves as a critical fundraising body for The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on philanthropy, the foundation enables the hospital to invest in world-class medical research, cutting-edge technology, and patient-centred initiatives. Their efforts contribute to the hospital’s mission of delivering exceptional healthcare and improving the overall health and well-being of the community.

World Wide Fund for Nature - Wikipedia

WWF Australia is a prominent nonprofit organization with a strong commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. Their mission includes preserving biodiversity, conserving habitats and endangered species, and advocating for policies and practices that enhance ecological well-being. WWF collaborates with governments, businesses, communities, and individuals to address pressing environmental issues.

Cure Cancer Logo

Cure Cancer is dedicated to kick-starting bright new ideas and accelerating new ways to cure cancer. They fund pioneering research initiatives focused on discovering new approaches to cancer treatment and prevention, and their network of researchers, fundraisers, and partners work together to deliver impactful solutions quickly.

Fight MND logo

The debilitating disease has an average timeframe of 27 months, taking away the ability for patients to eat, swallow, walk, and eventually, breathe. Since its inception, FightMND has supported Australians in the fight against the Beast that is MND, raising over $84 million towards MND research.

Children's Cancer Institute logo

As the only independent medical research institute in Australia dedicated purely to finding a cure for childhood cancer, the Children’s Cancer Institute is determined. Their researchers are working hard to find a cure, and believe that with their sense of purpose, it’s not a matter of if they find one, but when. 

Peter Mac Cancer Foundation

The Peter Mac Foundation is dedicated to advancing cancer research and providing support to those affected by cancer. Playing a crucial role in funding innovative research projects, patient care initiatives and more, the Peter Mac Foundation is on a mission to improve cancer outcomes and enhance the quality of life for cancer patients.

Kevin Heinze Grow

Kevin Heinze Grow is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities through horticultural therapy. Founded in Australia, it provides therapeutic gardening programs, fostering personal growth, and well-being. Their mission is to create inclusive and nurturing environments where people can flourish through the transformative power of gardening.

Stroke Foundation logo

The Stroke Foundation is dedicated to preventing, treating, and alleviating the impact of strokes. With a commitment to supporting stroke survivors, their families, healthcare professionals, and researchers, the foundation actively works to raise awareness of stroke risk factors, promote healthy lifestyles, and advance stroke treatment and rehabilitation. Through advocacy, research and community engagement, the Stroke Foundation plays a vital role in the fight against stroke.

Beyond blue logo

Beyond Blue promotes good mental health, and works to raise awareness of depression, anxiety and suicide prevention. Offering the community a safe and reliable place to access support, people are at the heart of everything they do. By facilitating open and honest conversation, Beyond Blue aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. 

The Cancer Council Victoria is a leading nonprofit organisation dedicated to reducing the impact of cancer on individuals and communities. With a multifaceted approach, Cancer Council Victoria focuses on cancer research, prevention, support, and advocacy. Their mission encompasses funding groundbreaking research, promoting cancer prevention and early detection strategies, offering support services to those affected by cancer, and advocating for policies and initiatives to improve cancer outcomes nationwide.

GiveNow - Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, located in Melbourne, Australia, is a pioneering institution dedicated to cancer research. Named after the iconic singer and actress Olivia Newton-John, the institute conducts groundbreaking research in oncology, focusing on personalized medicine to improve treatment outcomes and enhance the quality of life for cancer patients.


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